The Druids MC North


The Druids Motorcycle Club North was set up in 1978 for the sole purpose of bringing people together who enjoy the freedom of the road and a brotherhood of like minded men.

The Druids as a club, openly wear what they believe in, on their backs.

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Going back to the 70's it was decided that 'Druids' would be worn with pride and also using the runic alphabet. The above shows a late 70's back patch, after a few revisions it settled as above, with 'Druids' on the top, and 'North' on the bottom and MC to the side to denote it was a Motorcycle Club. This has been passed down until today where you will still find the Druids wearing what they believe and follow on their backs, something which not many other clubs do. 

The centre of the back patch represents 'Cernunnos' in a very simplistic form, as it was done by hand and with limited resources. Cernunnos was said to be a mediator of man and nature, able to control all wildlife and know the secrets of the plants and earth for healing.


We travel a lot and meet up with other like minded people and hope to make peace and live in harmony with other clubs and peoples, always professing the Druid way of life and ideology. We are independent of everyone, we have been since 1978 and have always held true to the Druid way.

Each year as a group we watch the sunrise on the summer solstice and see in the new era and likewise the winter solstice too.


We are often confused with just being a motorcycle club, but if you look closely you will see a heritage which spans back to ancient times. Many faiths have followers which form motorcycle clubs and we are just the same, believing in our faith and living out our lives in the only way we know how. Sadly people are persecuted and maligned for their beliefs. We know from history that the Druids were not only the first religion in Britain the first religion to be persecuted in Britain, and I'm sure won't be the last.


We have been In Sheffield, South Yorkshire since 1978, that is over 40 years at the writing of this, which is a generation, and we will be here for another generation and more.

We love our City of Sheffield and have paid tribute to the lost and infirm, we don't seek anything for it but want to serve our community, we have supported funerals and the elderly and ran shows for local charities for many years.


We promote peace between people, solidarity in the face of adversity. Help comes from the individual as does change, we can not hope to change a nation if the hearts of the nation are not open for change. 

Blessings be upon you all.

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