All remaining 2020 Events have now been cancelled - Apologies

" Reasons to be Cheerful " 

End of Season - Live Music

Your chance to see:

"Reasons to be Cheerful"

performing live at the Druids MC North Clubhouse.

21st November 2020

Free Entry - Doors open at 19:00hrs.

Drinks and food available for purchase throughout the night.


A great band, promising to provide a brilliant night at a fantastic venue to get us all back to what we do best.

Our opening band night to mark the return to some form of normality, what better way to celebrate this than to share this event with your favourite and the original Sheffield MC.

This is what they're all talking about !!

    Unfortunately we have had to cancel our final    

    Band Night for the year 2020.    

     This decision has been made entirely with        consideration to the welfare and well being of our     members and supporters at heart - and for no other    reason, let's see what 2021 will bring !!        D.F.F.D.  

Club Mill Road,   S6 2FH,


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